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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 9, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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collection boxes on campus. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. let's start with a quick first look at the whether with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi there, carolyn. good morning, everyone. >> mostly cloudy skies right now. here's a look at emeryville. due to the veil of thin, high clouds, temperatures dropped everywhere. we do a 50 in san jose, but still some 30s up in the north and east bay. the numbers range from mid-30s to around 50 under mostly cloudy skies. fog not much of a factor. once we see the clouds move out, we will see plenty of sunshine. and temperatures today warmer. in fact we are looking at mid-to upper 60s. that will keep us anywhere from five to eight degrees above the average. then tonight with mainly clear sky we will drop off early into the 50s. i'll tell you how long this little warming trend is going to last and when we will see rain arrive again in our forecast. that's coming up later. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa.
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a prom meant charity finds themselves under attack this morning as their important holiday drive kicks into high gear. >> good morning, kera. >> good morning. they want the salvation army off their campus saying it's anti-gay and has a long history of discrimination, citing a radio interview last summer with a charity official that said, quote, according to scripture, gays must die. so berkeley first banned bell ringers on campus. that's after they accused them of discriminating against gays and lesbians in their shelter and preventing fun to go some groups. now they want to do a bits further and do away with two
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clothing donation boxes that are in front of a campus dorm. >> they should be replaced with an organization like the good will that doesn't discriminate based on sexual orientation. >> donating to the salvation army doesn't mean that you are prejudice against gays and lesbians, it just means that you want to help people. >> obviously varying opinions here on campus. in a statement to abc7 news the charity says, quote, the salvation army believes all people are equal regardless of sexual orientation. we firmly oppose mistreatment of lgbt persons. banning the donation boxes ultimately will be up to university officials. reporting leave in berkeley, abc7 news. >> thank you, kera. owing land police are trying to find a kill who are shot a man to death in broad day light near the square.
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it happened yesterday. it was the third homicide this weekend in oakland. john alston said the shooting has raised concerns about growing crime in oakland. >> nearly four hours after the killing the victim's body was removed and oakland police opened up third street between broadway and franklin. the mid-afternoon shooting took place a few blocks to the entrance of the square where she just attended a social event. >> i feel unsafe in oakland. there's a lot going on and i'm afraid for my children to walk by themselves. i feel it's not older, younger, no one is safe. >> the crime scene is only about four blocks from police headquarters. officers happened to be in the middle of roll call and they got here rather quickly. >> they found a man in the middle of third street who was shot to death by apparently someone who escaped in a vehicle. police don't believe it was a
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random attack. some residents heard the gunshots. >> i was just thinking that noise we heard could have been gunshots it was pretty loud. sounded like a couple firecrackers going off actually. >> detectives hoped to see what happened by look at surveillance from a condominium overlooking the scene. there were onlookers, including a seminary student from the east coast with the idea of possibly moving here. >> i'm from d.c. where in the '90s we had all kinds of acts of random violence so this is not something that would dissuade me that contemplating living in the city of oakland because i've seen the rapid turn around the district of columbia has had. >> for oakland this was the third homicide in just two days. john alston, abc7 news. oakland police are now teaming with other law enforcement agencies and a private security company to expand patrols in high crime areas.
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in shopping districts in monte clare, piedmont, lakeshore and other areas have seen a rise in burglaries, and muggings. the understaffed police force need all the help they can get, including patrols from bay alarm companies in business and residential areas. >> we see a lot of the various alarm companies driving up and down our street where we live. >> i think it will work. very good idea. pool the resources. >> oakland police are also depending on the alameda county sheriff's office, the hp and bart police to help fight the rise in crime. san jose police say last night's christmas in the park celebration was marred by the stabbing of a 14-year-old. he is in the hospital, expecting to survive cuts to his chest and arms. it's highly unusual for violence
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to occur at christmas in the park that attacks half a million -- attracts nearly half a million visitors every year. they believe the injury to the boy is gang related and they are looking for three suspects. in san francisco officers say five men, at least one of them armed, terrorized people in a home invasion. it happened on 31 avenue between geary boulevard and lament -- clement street. a neighbor said he heard screams coming from the house. by the time officers arrived the men were gone and they got away with a number of items from the house. >> an armed man police say took two women hostage during an attempted robbery is recovering this morning after being shot by officers. cameras caught the smoke of a concussion grenade fired by police into a jack in the box yesterday. a hostage was rushed to safety by police.
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the gunman's condition is not known. the incident began at 12:30 when police received a call after robbery in progress. a four hour standoff resulted. the other hostage was also safely released. in concord a grocery store will be open today after being forced to close last night because of a strong chemical smell. it happened at the food max on monument boulevard. the fire department got a call around 4:30 yesterday afternoon about people who said their eyes were burning and they were having trouble breathing. >> of the 20 people treated at the scene no one wanted to be transported so they were all treated and released. it went away. the hazmat team checked everything out and the store reopened by seven. no word on what caused the incident. the man who is charged with the missing morgan hill teenager is scheduled to return to court tomorrow to face additional kidnapping charges. they are connected to three 2009
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incidents investigators say happened when they say mr. torres was 17 years old. one involved a stun gun. torres was arrested in may for sierra lamar's murder based on dna evidence. last night a fundraiser was held to support ongoing efforts to find her. the ice skate event took place at sharks ice. organizers are still holding out hope for lamar's safe return. she vanished back on march 16th while walking from home to her school bus stop. the union city woman convicted of killing nursing student michelle lee will be sentenced tomorrow. the sentence will require her to spend a minimum of 25 years in prison after an alameda county jury convicted her of first-degree murder. that was in october. the nursing student went missing in may of last year and then her body was found in a remote canyon.
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prosecutors say esteban killed her in a rage over esteban's ex-boyfriend. >> coming up, new developments in egypt. the changes the embattled president says he will make, but will it be enough to ease tensions? and people in south africa are worried about the health of former president nelson mandela a day after he is hospitalized. we will have the
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san bernardino police are investigating the fatal shooting
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of a student by police. the officers were called to an off-campus dormatory about a disturbance. investigators say they confronted a male student in the dorm hallway and that he put up a fight. police say they shot him when they feared for their own safety. one officer was checked at a hospital for nonlife-threatening injuries. and an american doctor abducted by the taliban in afghanistan was arrested. officials tell abc news it was a special operations rescue. no americans died in the raid. several taliban were killed. joseph was beaten severely and he will be rejoining his family. no word on why he was abducted. in egypt president mohamed morsi is listening and will agree to rescind some of the
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near absolute powers he granted himself. his extra powers were scheduled to expire this week anyway, the same date a vote would be held for a new constitution. morsi's decision comes after a protest yesterday. protesters don't want morsi removed from office, but say his power grab is not the way a democracy should be run. >> i'm not accepting all the new decisions by the president morsi, and we want more equality for all egyptians, not just the muslim brotherhood. >> the muslim brotherhood is morsi's political party. morsi granted himself power to declare emergency laws and to not be accountable to the judiciary. venezuelan president hugo chavez will undergo surgery for cancer for the third time. chavez says he will go to cuba today for surgery. last june he had surgery for an unspecified type of pelvic cancer.
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in february the 58-year-old president had surgery again for a tumor in the same area. he won re-election back in october. former south african president nelson mandela is said to be comfortable had and in good care in a hospital. south african president jacob zuma visited the 94-year-old mandela who is undergoing tests for an undisclosed condition. last year he was hospitalized for a respiratory infection. mandela became president of south africa in 1994 after spending 27 years in prison while fighting racist white rulers. the stalemate over the fiscal cliff-hanger is the topic this morning on abc's" "this week." they will discuss another week
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of talks that failed to reach a compromise in tax cuts. huge cuts and increases kick in the 1st of the year if they don't make a deal. don't nice at 8:00 this morning on abc7. >> my friend, meteorologist lisa argen, is here now talking about nice weather if you like it sunny and mild. >> we are seeing changes this morning, and those are point to go a warmer atmosphere. right now looking outside from our roof camera, the winds are light, but those winds will warm us up today. high pressure is building in. it's in the 50s at the coast, 30s in the valleys. i'll talk about how warm it is going to get and when we will see a return to winter. that's coming up. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, dela salle puts yet another trophy in the high
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>> welcome back, everyone. this is live look from our sutro cam showing you the lights of the city. everything twinkling and sparkling, looking good. last time this week we were getting pounded by rain. nothing like that in the forecast for today. live doppler 7hd is quiet, according to our meteorologist lisa argen. >> yes. and you are becoming an expert on that too, i see.
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>> i can take your job. >> we are looking at changes. 57 right now at our coast as we head outside. that's half moon bay. we have pretty chilly valleys in the 30 #*s. 7:14 is the official sunrise. as we take a look at live doppler 7hd you notice the sweep on top of the mount saint helena and the cloud cover over the bay area. this is insulating us a bit and you add in the north, northeast wind, and we are looking at temperatures pretty much warmer this morning except for napa and concord where you still are dropping into the 30s. even at 38 santa rosa is a couple degrees warmer. san francisco 47. good morning redwood city, 48. 49 in mountain view and a mild, relatively speaking, 50 in san jose. that's five degrees above where you were yesterday but it's really fremont and livermore
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that are experiencing the much warmer conditions. not much change-up in san rafael, and subtle changes along the coast in san francisco. boy, a pretty mild to start out. just in the last hour numbers coming up along the shoreline. we will look for a little bit of fog here and there, but overall with the cloudy skies this morning that's keeping us a little warmer. then by the afternoon the winds will take over and that's going to usher in a slightly milder air mass. high pressure over the bay area continues to bring that sub continuance and that warming today and tomorrow. but by tuesday it will be coming to a screeching halt as we look for another wind shift. the temperatures will drop and then we will look for showers to head our way late tuesday into wednesday. so some of the forecasted highs today low to mid-60s, and, yeah, for early december, middle of december, that is warmer than what we should be. we should see the upper 50s stick around. but not happening today and
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tomorrow. in fact, 8 degrees above average in oakland, as well as santa rosa. san jose coming in a couple degrees above the average. so with more sunshine today it should be a pretty nice afternoon. we are looking at a couple elements allowing for this warmup. one is high pressure. it's building into the eastern pacific. it is allowing for a slight offshore flow. that's bringing not only the off show flow here but gusty winds into southern california where in san diego they do have a fire weather watch. so sunshine here today and tomorrow it's going to be pretty nice. but by wednesday we see the cloud cover and rain along the sonoma county coast. not a lot of rain. it's a cold system. but mild temperatures today and the next couple days out ahead of it. 63 sacramento, 74 calm springs. low 60s for richmond and san francisco. everyone else mid-60s from livermore and san jose. watsonville, no day there for the tree lighting at 5:00.
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it will be in the 60s this afternoon and the menorah lighting at union square will be cool, but no weather problems. scattered showers on wednesday. i don't think we will see heavy rain out of the system. then by next weekend it still could be a little unsettled. >> but this is a forecast the retailers will certainly like. >> oh, yes. >> thank you, lisa. coming up at 7:00 is good morning america. dan harris is joining us live now from new york to tell us what is coming up on your show. good morning. >> hey, carolyn, good morning to you. good morning to lisa and good morning to everyone in san francisco. we have a little breaking news this morning. the life or death rescue mission. troops swooping in to save an american doctor held by the taliban. and this morning kate middleton is stepping out. and we are hearing more from the family of the nurse who died after being on the wrong side of
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the prank call. we will hear from reporter stationed in australia this morning about reaction on the ground. and some relief at the gas station just in times for the holidays. prices dropping to almost three dollars a gallon. how low will they go and what is going on here? we will get an update on that. and the story everybody is talking about this morning is this right here, what you are looking at. is this the new jersey shore? m tv is certainly hoping so. it's called buck wild and it's not even on the air but it's already making people very, very mad. why one senator from west virginia wants m tv to pull the whole plug on the thinning. he's pretty angry. it's all coming up this sunday morning. hope you will join us. >> makes it look like hicks gone wild or something like that. >> that's pretty muchuhis case and he prosecute it quite strenuously, you will hear from him. >> all right. have a good day. >> you, too.
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>> the 49ers are playing miami dolphins this afternoon. and they are also teaming up with operation dream. a lot nonprofit to collect cash and toys for needy children. of that leer they collected more than 20,000 toys to distribute to needy children. you can bring a toy today but, plea, no toy guns or weapons for obvious security reasons. cash is greatly appreciated and accepted. volunteers will have collection buckets in the parking lot near the stadium entrances. next weekend dela salle high school will go for the spartans fourth straight title after blowing out folsom high school last night in sacramento. here's schu with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. kickoff with a little high
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school football. de la salle faced off against folsom. four minutes in. punches it in from three yards out. 7-0, spartans. second quarter. fourth and goal, and the lefty finds buckley in the end zone. 28-7 at the half. third quarter, again, bowls his way into the end zone. third td of the game. 35-7. route is not over. john had two tds in the game. this one a 25-yard run splitting the defense. spartans with six rushing touchdowns. de la salle cruises to a 49-15 victory. the heisman trophy was handed out yesterday in new york for the best player in the land. there were three finalists. the winner is -- >> and now, the 2012 winner of the heisman memorial trophy is johnny manzel. [cheers and applause] >> oh, the drama.
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johnny manzel accounted for 4700 yards this year for texas a&m. 24 touchdowns, running 1181 yards and 19tds, leading them to a 10-2 record, including an upset of then a top-ranked alabama. manzel becomes the first freshman ever to win the heisman. >> warriors on a seven-game road trip and with last night's win in washington they have won their first three away from home on this trip. david lee to steph curry. a courtside sprint but it didn't slow him down. he drains the three. curry 22 points. scary moment in the fourth. curry gets his left knee knocked by martell lester. he would come up limping, but breathe easy, warror fans, he came back later in the game. but golden state had a strong performance by klay thompson. 23 points. warriors up 6. lee, back-to-back double-doubles. 17 rebounds, this guy is so solid. 101-97, the final.
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warriors have won ten of twelve and this is the first time they have won the first three games an road trip since 2003. niners hosting the doll minutes. -- the dolphins. i'll have those highlights at five. i'm mike shumann. have a great day! >> for the second straight week another tragedy in the nfl. a player with the dallas cowboys faces manslaughter charges after a car accident that kills a teammate. how will it affect the game scheduled to begin in a few hours. >> i'm nannette miranda in
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>> welcome back, everyone. in a few hours the dallas cowboys will play in cincinnati, one day after their defensive lineman josh brent was charged with intoxicated manslaughter. authorities say he was driving at a high rate of speed and lost control. his car flipping in the accident, killing his teammate, jerry brown. it's the second time in a week there's been a tragedy involving an nfl player. abc news reporter chuck severtson has the details. >> early saturday morning josh brent was speeding on a service road in a dallas suburb when his car hit a curb and flipped. >> when our officers arrived on scene, mr. brent was removing or dragging mr. brown from the vehicle. i should also point out that the vehicle actually did catch on fire. >> the passenger, brent's
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cowboys's teammate, 25-year-old jerry brown, was pronounced dead at the hospital. brent was initially arrested on suspicion of drunk driving after failing a sobriety test and after brown died the charge was updated to intoxication manslaughter. cowboys owner jerry jones issued a statement saying we are deeply saddened by the news of this accident and the passing of jerry brown. at this time our hearts and prayers and deepest sympathies are with the members of jerry's family and all of those who knew him and loved him. the incident comes one week after kansas city chief's linebacker killed his girlfriend and then took his own life at the team's practice facility. a newly released video taken hours before the murder-suicide showed police responding to a 911 call and finding belcher passed out in his bentley after reportedly being out drinking with another woman. brent is being held without bond. the cowboys will play cincinnati
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sunday as scheduled. abc news, new york. >> state lawmakers are deciding how to dole out money to help schools become more energy efficient. abc7 news capital correspondent nannette miranda has more on what's happening. >> we want to be first in line, somehow, some way. >> this principal is pleading his case to give his campus some of the new energy retrofit money. 73% of the public schools are more than 25 years old and in need of the funding badly to upgrade or replace windows, in inefficient lighting and old air conditioning and heating systems. >> if we can look at energy efficient sis then you are having year over year over year and in the long run you will have more money available for those things you need. >> the costs are staggering. more than 10,000 public schools in california together spend $700 million a year on energy. that's how much they spend on all books and supplies. thanks to voters who
6:33 am
overwhelmingly approved proposition 39 last month, disadvantaged schools will now be able to pay for energy retro fits. proposition 39 closes a tax loophole that mostly benefited out-of-state corporations. it's a billion dollars a year funding boost for the state. half goes to the general fund and the other half to the energy needs of schools which could mean no more putty around the window sil. >> the old putty has been there forever. >> or single-pane windows that make the classrooms saunas in the summer and freezers in the winter. it hinders learning. >> as kids go from classroom to classroom they experience the same situation and after three or four hours of that it's hard for them to focus. >> lawmakers just introduced measures to get project moneys out the door by next summer. retrofitting is expected to cut energy costs at least 30%. >> we want to give them great, new energy efficiency and clean energy technologies and bring
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our schools up to the 21st century. when the upgrading is done, the $4 billion goes to the state's general fund. in sacramento, nannette miranda, abc7 news. muni officials are hoping san francisco cable cars will be running smoothly today without any more problems. a series of glitches forced closers the past two days. service was shut down friday and after repairs were made to the cables service resumed yesterday morning. but then around 8:30 the powell mason and powell high lines went down. the mta is blaming equipment issues for both disruptions. the south korean rap sensation responsible for the viral video but now he's facing anger over his 2004 performance of a song against the iraq war. we have the story. >> call it controversy his style.
6:35 am
long before his youtube hit sparked a nationwide dance craze, he performed at a concert in 2004 with sentiment running high after a korean was killed in iraq. he sang singing the offensive words. >> if you were sitting around making up horrible things that a pop star could say that would get them in trouble, you would have a hard time come up with worse words than that. >> many are reacting with fury. saying he shouldn't be able to headline the concert in washington on sunday. the president is scheduled to attend. >> this isn't the first time a famous artist has quoted a political controversy. >> but this is different. his youtube video is the most watched of all-time. it was social media that helped make his career and now it's social media that could break it.
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>> even after he apologized, saying the song was a deeply emotional reaction and he will forever be sorry for any pain it caused, youtube still has hashtags saying he hates america. in southern california a dead whale has been towed out to sea after rotting on a beach for nearly a week. the 40-foot long whale washed up monday on a beach in malibu. the beach was privately owned so the local government agencies refused to remove the decomposing carcass so yesterday the local homeowners association hired a tugboat to tow the whale about 20 miles from shore. coming up next, a story you will only see on abc7 news. the new mobile app that could make your search for parking easier just in time for your holiday shopping. and here's a live look from our
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sutro cam. what a difference a week makes from rainy and windy to dry and calm today. lisa argen will have
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>> welcome back, it's 6:39 this sunday morning. how are you this morning? thanks for waking up and joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. here's a look from the roof cam showing the embark dara and the bridge. the weather today will not interfere with your plans today. it will be sunny and dry, but change are coming. lisa argen is busy in the weather center. she will be along with a full accuweather forecast.
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finding a parking spot in downtown san mateo could now be a little easier if you download a new free smartphone app. abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom has more on how some bay area cities are teaming up with tech companies to make life easier for drivers. >> it's lunchtime in downtown san mateo. drivers inch along bumper to bumper searching for parking. >> ucla did a study and estimated that people spend about 15 to 20 minutes on average looking for a place to park. >> that's why kelly's company streetline spent years developing this senser. it detectives if a parking space is empty. san francisco started installing them two years ago and now san mateo has partnered with cisco to roll them out along with a free mobile map called parker. >> it's not they can't find parking, it's simply they don't know where it is. >> parking ahead. >> it's makers say it could reduce traffic. >> when you can take people's parking time from 20 minutes to 5 minutes, you are going to dramatically reduce the number of cars on the street.
6:41 am
>> city officials think it's a good investment for taxpayers. >> it's much cheaper to efficiently manage your existing parking inventory than building new spaces and new facilities. installing one of these is as simple as drilling a hole and dropping it in. they are wireless, but unlike your cell own the battery life in these are measured in years, not hours. >> that's why cisco said this is just the beginning. they see cities becoming more liveable by putting the smart sensors on every piece of infrastructure. >> all of the things to be connected. >> and street line has big plans of its own. soon building smart radar directly into cars and navigation systems. >> once you get to your destination, you can't leave your car in the middle of the street. you have to put it in a parking spot so we are hoping to help with that. >> parking nearby.
6:42 am
>> in san mateo, abc news. >> everybody getting out to do their holiday shopping. lisa argen can tell you about the weather. >> you can see the different hughes from mount tam. upper 30s and lower 40s, a little chilly in the north bay but we will have plenty of sunshine and a breezy, mild afternoon. the details when we return. >> thank you, lisa. and when it rains abc7 news knows where it will come down first. we will show you how live doppler 7hd can scan hundreds of miles in seconds and pick up even a trace of precipitation in your neighborhood. and 7 on your side's michael finney helps a bay area couple forced to take a tour of italy without
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>> did you know abc7 news has the fastest weather tracking system? take a look at live doppler 7 hd. our morning meteorologist tells us how it will keep your family safe during our severe weather season. >> winter is officially two weeks away. the rainy season is already here. abc7 news is the best place to track it. abc7 news has the strongest, fastest, most powerful storm tracking system in northern california. from sky 7 hd you can see our exclusive live 7 hd high above the mountain. it's farther west than any other doppler radar in the bay area. the national weather service's doppler is more than 100 miles south in the santa cruz mountains. together we track the storms as they move through the bay area. when rain is approaching. abc7 knows who will be impacted first. live doppler 7 hd is so powerful it can scan hundreds of miles in seconds and pick up even a trace
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of precipitation in your neighborhood. the national weather service predicts a dryer and warmer than average winter in california because of the el nino. that's when the temperature of the pacific ocean near the equator rises slightly during a three-month period. the warmer the water, the higher the chance of rain in the bay area. as the doppler tracks rain in the bay area, we are able to tell you how it turns to snow in the sierra. conditions for skiers have been great this time of the year. some ski resorts opened last month and have already seen three feet of snow. regardless of where you live, when severe weather threatens your neighborhood, live doppler 7 hd is your best source on air. on line and on your mobile device. >> we will check out live doppler 7 hd. >> stay with the most experienced weather team and the power of live doppler 7 hd, we keep you safe. i'll see you tomorrow morning
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from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. with the latest from live doppler 7 hd. >> and a member of that experienced weather team is our meteorologist lisa argen here to talk about what's coming up the week ahead. >> yeah. we are starting out with some milder temperatures this morning. a few clouds around but making for a very pretty sunrise officially at 7:13. as we head outside to lake tahoe right now, you see the snow there. we are looking at snow at lake levels, even come wednesday. that's the next system that will beheaded our way and bringing sierra snow. it's a colder one, not a lot of moisture associated it. maybe not a lot of snow but at least it's coming from the right direction. back home we are looking live from our sutro camera where you can see how pretty it is out there. not very much fog. in fact not a whole lot of cloud cover out there. but still with a little wind, north, northeast wind from the surface to the upper elevations, we are a little warmer this
6:48 am
morning. live doppler 7hd shows a veil of high, thin clouds. it should stay quiet for the next several days. but by tuesday night it could be picking up some returns. 39 in concord right now. it is cool in parts of our east and north bay valleys with upper 30s napa and santa rosa. a little fog by napa, as well, with 45 in oakland. 50 in san jose. you are warmer. look at the 57 half moon bay. 24 hours ago we were chillier. in fact if you are waking up in fremont and livermore, you will notice that the chill in the air and not quite as significant. a little warmer in redwood city, as well as san francisco. so starting out with a few clouds around and some fog in the north bay. otherwise warmer conditions today and tomorrow. we will be well into the 60s. in fact, some areas county could
6:49 am
approach 70 degrees by tomorrow. things will turn around. we get a wind shift and it will be cooler, as much as ten degrees cooler and showers arrive overnight tuesday, into wednesday. today forecasting highs from the 60s in richmond, san francisco, and otherwise everyone else will be well into the mid-670s. for this time of the year we are up anywhere from three to eight degrees where we should be. so usually the upper 50s should do it. we do have a couple dry days to boot on top of that. the reason why is because of this, high pressure building into the eastern pacific, and as it does we have the trough set up into southern california and that's that perfect alignment to bring the warmer conditions. a little breezy, though, in spots, and we will look for gusty winds in southern california. it all changes by tuesday, though. we will look for more of an on shore push, more clouds. look what's ahead. we have a trough coming down from the north and west and that
6:50 am
will spread warm rain our way. maybe a quarter an inch and parts of the north bay could see upwards of three quarters of an inch. southern california gusty winds. 64 palo alto toe, 65 san jose. the niners today with temperatures in the low 60s, under plenty of sunshine, and down by the monterey bay a nice afternoon with 63 watsonville. by the way, they got lake-effect snow and it's cold in the midwest while we enjoy 60s and very pleasant conditions. but things could change. it is looking kind of wet by next weekend. we have a all in the days ahead. >> thank you, lisa. if you are traveling it's usually good advice to take the underwear and the toiletries in your carry-on in case the check-in bags get lost. the keyword there is usually good advice. here's michael finney with a problem solved.
6:51 am
>> if you ask me what to pack in the carry on bags, i would say those things you can't do without. good advice usually. but on this flight that normally good advice went awry. >> sandy is showing us her usual drill. she travels widely and always takes a carry-on with the must-have item. earlier this year on a trip to italy things got off to a rocky start for season -- sandy and her husband. >> we were told when we first got on the bag before we got on the plane the overhead bins were full so you must check your carry-on, so we did. >> then what happened. >> we got to rome and it wasn't there. >> they took in the sights and sounds of italy, but without underwear, of course, so they bought new. when their luggage finally arrived, they went to pick it up. >> we had to go to naples to pick it up. and that was probably an hour ride on the bus from where we were.
6:52 am
then we had to take a cab from the airport in naples to the train station in rome. it happens so she put in a bill for her costs. >> underwear, a sweater, a jacket, and we had to buy a bus ticket from there to the naples airport and cab fair to the train station. >> and what did she bill the airline? less than $70. >> it didn't come, it didn't come, it didn't come, so finally i decided, okay, 7 on your side is going to be my way of getting my money back. so i did contact 7 on your side and i was called back. he contacted the airlines and finally five months later i finally got a check. >> we were happy to make contact and sandy was happy to have her money. she says it wasn't all that much. still, she had a rightful claim. >> it wasn't that much, but it was, you know, the principle of
6:53 am
it. i would definitely, if i had a problem, contact you again. >> if you have a consumer problem, let me know about it. go to i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. up next the holiday season is here and fedex is getting ready for the busiest shipping day in its history. we will tell you how many packages they expect to send tomorrow.
6:54 am
6:55 am
>> here are the winning numbers from last night's super lotto plus. 17, 24, 30, 33, 45, the meganumber 22. it was $18 million. but no one correctly picked all six numbers. wednesday night's jackpot is estimated at $19 million. >> shipping companies expect to hit new volume records this holiday season. fedex predicts tomorrow will be the busiest day in company history. fedex expects to move 19 million packages tomorrow alone.
6:56 am
and that's more than double the typical day's volume. for the period between thanksgiving and christmas, fedex says it's going to deliver some 280 million packages, and that's 13% more than last year. by the way, if you are trying to get those packages out, fedex says december 22nd is the last day to send packages in time for christmas delivery. tonight the jewish community celebrates the second day of hanukkah. last night in san francisco's union square, a huge crowd saw the lighting of the first candle on a 25-foot mahogany menorah. a candle is going to be lit every day during the eight-day festival. the second candle will be lit at 4:30 this afternoon at union square. hanukkah celebrates the victory of an outnumbered jewish army over the syrians in the second century bc. >> no problem with rain there or any where. the final check of the accuweather forecast from lisa argen. >> union scare, i would say
6:57 am
about 59 degrees. 63 downtown today, sunnier and milder conditions. it will be a bit on the breezy side. oakland 65, livermore 64. so the numbers ever up today. they will stay that way tomorrow. so we are looking at a couple very mild averages with plenty of sunshine. much cooler tuesday and some rain on wednesday, leftover showers thursday. still cool through the end forecast week and next weekend looks like more rain. >> all right. that is going to do it for us. thank you for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. i'm carolyn tyler. along with meteorologist lisa argen, abc7 news continues at 9:00. you asked for it, now the abc7 news exclusive alarm clock app is available for your android phone or tablet and the kindle fire. you can download it for free from the amazon appear
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6:59 am
good morning, america. this morning -- breaking overnight. a daring raid to save an american doctor held prisoner by the taliban. we'll tell you about the life or death mission. prince william stepping out for the first time since duchess kate's health scare as we hear more now from the family of the nurse who apparently took her own life after being fooled by the prank call from two australian deejays. we're live this morning in london and in australia.


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